During my studies I found something that made me examine into oblivion of flowing stillnes- Bog bodies, the ancient human remains that have been long preserved and discovered in Bog's wetlands in Northern Europe.

By using a thick paste of brushstrokes, I aim to create a new dimension on canvas where I can explore visual but also tangible. The idea of Bog bodies has opened avenues through which I can personify and make emotions palpable by giving them a face. In this way, nature and everything in its existence appear by showing me not the short life spans of living beings but the dynamic movement of life in every shape and form.

Portrait , 20094"x6"Acrylic on Canvas
Dance, 20087"x9"Acrylic on Canvas

Apart, 20089" x 11"Acrylic on Canvas
Close, 20089" x 11"Acrylic on Canvas
Wave, 20105"x7"Acrylic on Canvas
Flow, 201111"x 14"Acrylic on Canvas
Warrior, 20114"x 7"Acrylic on Canvas
Slide, 20095"x 7"Acrylic on Canvas
Roots, 200811"x 16"Acrylic & Watercolors on Canvas
Remember, 200811" x 14"Acrylic on Canvas
Sun and Earth, 200911" x 14"Acrylic & Watercolors on Canvas
Metamorphosis, 200811"x 14"Acrylic on Canvas
Bog Woman, 200812" x 16"Acrylic & Watercolors on Canvas
Saints, 20085" x 7"Acrylic on Canvas
Twigs, 201024" x 36"Acrylic on Canvas
Fire Bogs, 200810" x 10"Acrylic on Canvas
Woods, 201024" x 48"Acrylic on canvas
Rise from the Water, 201220" x 38"Acrylic on Canvas
Dream in Bog, 201210" x 16"Mixed Media on Canvas
Submerge, 201312" x 12"Acrylic & Oil on Canvas
Emerge, 20149" x 12"Acrylic on Canvas
Thoughts, 20147" x 14"Acrylic on Canvas
Connection, 20145" x 7"Acrylic & Oil on Canvas
Stories, 201520" x 24"Acrylic & Oil on Canvas
History, 20168" x 10"Acrylic & Oil on Canvas
Bog Cosmos, 20174" x 12"Acrylic and Oil on Canvas
Cosmic Ocean, 201712" x 14"Acrylic and Oil on Canvas
Clear Bog, 20174" x 12"Acrylic and Oil on Canvas
Tides, 20216x10Acrylic and Oil on Canvas